Growing up as a child you could never imagine being disowned by your parents, but I was. My parents, who were also my adoptive parents did just that. What I am here to say today is that Christina acted on my behalf at time in my life when I needed help. I gave Christina information that I was given by my adoptive parents about my birth parents. She used her investigative skills and took to the internet and started looking for my birth mom. After what seemed like forever, I mean I was 15 years old everything seemed like it was forever. She got a list of 30+ people with phone numbers and addresses that matched the criteria of my biological mother. She took in her car that evening and drove all over San Diego County. At the 17th name and number on the list we pulled up into a drive of a 55 and up community. I remember telling Christina this wasn't right she's not old enough to live here. She told me to wait and be patient and that this could be my grand-parents’ house. So we drove up to the front and saw a board that had all the trailers listed. We eventually found number 159. We then drove up the hill and around the corner and there it was #159 a white trailer, with blue shutters, a gold Honda Accord, and a lemon tree in the drive way. She said wait here I will go check. Christina went to the door and knocked and waited. I can remember sitting in her Ford Explorer in the front seat and seeing a light come on in the trailer and a figure of a women moving around. The porch light came on and the door opened. Christina and she spoke for minute. Christina hurried back to the car and with the biggest smile and tears in her eyes and said, "I think I found your Grandmother!" I mustered up the courage and got out of the car and walked to the door with Christina. The old woman came back to the door and invited us in. I didn't get a great look at her when we came in, but when we got into her living room and she walked into the light there was a tall woman with glasses, white hair, and the bright blue eyes. She started asking me questions about my adoptive parents and asking me questions about my biological parents. It was then, right then when I knew I had found my grandmother. This was my biological fathers’ mother, my biological mother had actually stayed there at some time and had mail delivered there. Christina had given me the best Christmas present that year, by giving me hope, compassion, and a family. I did move to Oklahoma shortly after to live with my birth mother. Still to this day I go and visit my grandmother on top of that hill 3 to 4 times a year. Thank you Christina very much. You were not only a saving grace to me, but you were also like a mother and will always be apart my life and my family.

Alex H.